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Torrentfish. Cheimarrichthys fosteri Haast, PDF Version. S.C. Moore. This little fish is the only freshwater member of the Pinguipedidae family in New. The torrentfish (Cheimarrichthys fosteri) is an amphidromous freshwater fish that is endemic to New Zealand. Torrentfish are well adapted to life in shallow. The torrentfish (Cheimarrichthys fosteri) is at home in torrents. A flattened head and large pectoral fins help it to stay on the stream bed in fast-flowing waters.

McDowall, R.M., Freshwater fishes and fisheries of New Zealand -The angler's el dorado. Aquat. Sci. 2(2) (Ref. ). Description. A robust fish with a flattened belly and arched back; head is large, broad and flattened. Grey to greyish-brown, with four distinctive diagonal stripes. The streamlined shape of this native fish must have influenced Concord designers.

Range Description: The Torrentfish (Cheimarrichthys fosteri) is endemic to New Zealand where it is found in areas of suitable habitat in both the North and South . Torrentfish - Cheimarrichthys fosteri I am a different fish because in the day I live in swift-flowing parts of streams. This means that I am found in the gravel, where. torrentfish (plural torrentfish or torrentfishes). Cheimarrichthys fosteri, a freshwater fish native to fast-moving, shallow waters in New Zealand that migrates out to. Population Dynamics and Migrational History of Torrentfish (Cheimarrichthys fosteri, Haast ), in two Waikato Streams on the North Island of New Zealand. While many of New Zealand's freshwater fishes undertake larval migrations as part of their amphidromous life-history, little is known of the larval stages of these .

Abstract The reproductive biology of torrentfish,. Cheimarrichthys fosteri Haast, was investigated in the braided Rakaia and Ashley Rivers, South Island. All torrentfish have the same pattern of five dark marks - three diagonal lines in the middle of the body, one at the very base of the tail, and another. 18 Dec The torrentfish (Cheimarrichthys fosteri) is the only species in the family Cheimarrichthyidae in the world!. 10 Mar The torrentfish is one of five freshwater fish species featuring on NZ Post's latest stamp release of 1 March Torrentfish or Cheimarrichthys.


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